The Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI) Group is carrying out theoretical and applied research in the domain of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.
Theoretical work concerns problems of knowledge representation and reasoning related to different aspects of agents considered both as individual intelligent physical (robots), or software entities (e.g. argumentation and preference reasoning, automated decision making, planning), but also as communities of agents (e.g. automated negotiation, multi-agent planning, agent communication languages and dialogues, multi-agent learning, distributed decision making). The DAI group also carries out research in the domain of agent oriented software engineering.
The applied research work concerns several domains as for example ambient intelligence, artificial markets, medical diagnosis, smart cities, legal systems, etc.

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Responsable d’équipe
Type d’équipe :
Équipe de recherche
LIPADE (Laboratoire d’Informatique Paris Descartes)
Université de Paris
Thèmes abordés
  • computational argumentation, automated negotiation, agent communication languages and dialogues,
  • multi-agent planning, automated decision making, multi-agent learning,
  • distributed decision making, agent architectures, agent oriented software engineering,
  • game theory, boolean games, merging of knowledge bases, computer games,
  • planning, cooperative path-finding, monte-carlo (tree) search, heuristic search,
  • combinatorial search, reinforcement learning, multi-agent learning