MISS-ABMS 2021, 04-15 octobre 2021, Cirad, Montpellier (France)
By taking part in this course, you will gain a modeling culture and learn the different skills required for building agent-based models (ABMs) applied to sociological, ecological, or socio-ecological systems.

Key points

  • MISS-ABMS is multi-cultural in terms of background and nationalities of the trainers and participants
  • MISS-ABMS promotes a collaborative practice of modelling and simulation
  • MISS-ABMS is multi-platform Cormas, Gama and NetLogo
  • MISS-ABMS presents the different stages of an agent-based modelling process, with a focus on model design and implementation
  • MISS-ABMS offers a significant time for group work to design and implement an ABM based on proposed descriptions of situations well suited for agent-based modeling

For who

  • Each year we enjoy having participants with very heterogeneous profiles in terms of age, nationality, scientific background and experience in modelling or coding. Beginners in Agent-Based Modelling who are planning to participate in a modelling project in the months following the training are welcomed.

Information and registration